March Madness

Since writing my last blog about peace of mind, my threshold for staying relaxed under duress has been tested repeatedly.

Last Wednesday for example, I spilled coffee all over my cell, essentially drowning the guy, and ten minutes later tripped over my laptop charger, all but severing the poor fella at the base of the power supply.

If it had been about an inch further, I could have easily spliced the wire and reconnected it myself. I was able however,  to patch it  back together for limited use with electrical tape with much care & caution, only for it to short circuit, melt, and do all but go up in flames before I had even got comfortable again.

As you can imagine, I was less than thrilled. More specifically, I was tilted. I wanted to break something big, and I wanted to break it good. And loud. And then break it more into little pieces. I wanted in every way to go ‘Office Space’ on a printer with a baseball bat, or better yet shoot a cannon off into an empty Starbucks.

Basically it prematurely destroyed all of my plans for the weekend, as I went into salvage mode attempting to lifehack my way to preventing the ripples from turning into rogue wave.

All of this manifested probably due to some form of unwanted stress. I was worried about plans for the next few days and was rushing around to make sure they were completed. I wasn’t exactly relaxed, and I certainly wasn’t thinking clearly. A few extra deep breaths over the course of the week or that day would have probably changed the entire course of events that happened that evening.

The subsequent effect was I dropped off the grid for like 6 days, which was actually quite refreshing. Although many friends & family had no idea where I was, since I had planned on going home for the weekend but never arrived, it was incredibly relaxing and allowed ample time for reading & reflecting.

I finished the last hundred or so pages of ‘The Odyssey of Homer’ that contained my dad’s notes from college, which was incredibly cool for me, just to see his handwriting, let alone read his thoughts from so long ago.

Over the course of the weekend, I read ‘The Isaiah Effect’ by Gregg Braden, a book about the connection between prayer and prophecy, and ‘Body Mind Mastery’ by Dan Millman, cover to cover, roughly 700 pages in 6 days or less.

As all of this happened, it felt what it must be like to snowboard big mountain powder with the force of avalanche propulsion, or surfing down the face of a tidal wave. A combination of incredibly awesome and mildly terrifying.

The reasoning for the emotions I was feeling was a combination of what I was absorbing from my situation as well as what I was reading, added with the events unfolding in the world around me.

Massive earthquake in Japan. The conflict escalating in Libya and the air strikes that would follow. All of the negative news that sends turbulence through the sails of peace.

It was eye opening.

As I walked down the street to get breakfast & coffee and reconnect with the world on Tuesday, I saw a front page headline inside a news stand.

Death Toll Climbs, Nuclear Fear Rises

A headline from a story in the USA Today on Saturday read, “Hope dwindles one week after disasters“.

One thing is clear from all of this fallout; as a species, as a civilization, and as a planet, we are headed in the wrong direction.

Quantum theory suggests that every possible outcome for these seemingly catastrophic events already exist, and the way we think about them directly effects the result.

The one thing every  ancient civilization & modern religion have in common with each other is that they all advocate that we choose which creation we experience through our own thoughts, as we all have the collective power to channel the force of our smallest emotions into great manifestations.

Usually this is done through prayer, meditation, or visualization, which all overlap and depending on your definition are essentially the same thing.

The underlying message is peace. The consequence for taking an alternate path is destruction.

With this is mind, I suggest that we all take a look inward as whole, and reconsider the direction we are moving and the things we value. It’s becoming more clearly that if we don’t engineer a shift of consciousness and the way we think, we will all suffer the same tragic fate as my departed laptop charger.


~ by therealJWilliam on March 20, 2011.

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