Great Heights & Shadows

I woke up this morning before sunrise only just as my friends were stumbling drunkenly through the door after a long night/morning of pumpkin carving and alcohol-infused partying. I neglected to go out because I knew more than anything I needed to get some damn stuff done today. Mission Accomplished.

Living in {the real} Gotham City the past couple months has been absolutely spectacular. Lincoln Park is a truly wonderful place to live; I meet new and interesting people almost on a daily basis and there’s beautiful women around every corner. It’ll be cool once @brin1285 moves up here…it’s the perfect place for No Chop to set up a legit base outside of Sin City.

Needless to say life is a bit more fast paced up here. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been boozing at the bars more than usual. One thing is for sure, Chicago likes pizza and beer way more than Las Vegas does.

My most difficult challenge since moving here has been finding a steady balance between physical training, partying, poker studies, keeping up on my writings and working diligently at improving the prowess of No Chop Poker.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the months developing all of these elements of my lifestyle it’s that it takes a lot of discipline and commitment.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you being an entrepreneur and bootstrapping your own business is going to be easy — it is truly a very lonely pursuit the vast majority of the time. You must spend countless hours in your own zone figuring out which path out of many is the right one to take. Often you will be wrong several times before finally finding the best route for you.

You will also quite frequently be confronted by disappointment, perhaps by those you were counting on most for guidance and council.

People will let you down. Things will fall through. Ideas you once thought would bear fruit will wilt before your eyes.

However, you cannot let this deter you in your quest OR let it waver your focus. If anything, it provides a chance – if only briefly – to regain your composure and acquire some clarity of vision.

This allows you to accumulate some momentum, as you advance more confidently towards the summit of your goal that you seek. Any obstacle that stands in your way at this point offers only education in how to overcome difficulties and the constitution it takes to evolve above and beyond such circumstances.

It’s been an amazing ride thus far in the quest to create and sculpt this dream of mine. I’m very excited to announce that if all goes as planned in the coming weeks than I should be revealing a sneak peak of the first wave of hoodys as the holiday season grows closer. If you simply cannot wait for the store to open up online than get in contact with me and I’ll see if I can whip you up something special!

No Chop For The Win!


~ by therealJWilliam on October 29, 2010.

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