For The Win

“I just want a shirt that says ‘NO CHOP’ on it…” ~ Keith ‘keithfolds2’ Evans, recent MiniFTOPS #28 winner and silver jersey recipient

I promised everyone that I’d write a post about what the creative process has been like creating my own brand and wanted to give some insight into just how exactly you can do the same thing.

For me it’s been incredibly challenging to overcome a few plateaus in innovative thinking but so much more fun that I ever could have imagined. The most imposing challenge has been acting to dissolve the fear that perfection is the only result that will bring success.

In the last 18 months myself and my colleagues have taken a moderately vague concept – wanting t-shirts that said ‘No Chop’ on them, an idea that sprouted from a long MTT session – and molding into a movement by creating an identity, one that is continuously changing as the goals of the budding company have grown.

From simply thinking that we could make awesome shirts, to wanting be our own team and wear our own gear, to creating a chance to represent the strengthening of a cause, we’ve never really had any real expectations or given ourselves a ceiling for the level of impact we can have, which I believe has been vital in the maturation of our original idea.

The forging of No Chop Poker’s identity has happened in the fires of time, after countless logo concepts and design ideas, brainstorming, and critical thinking. To have emerged from all of that heat with this idea to produce a quality poker clothing line that fights the battle against poor poker fashion and the never ending war towards cancer prevention is something that makes me personally, feel both incredibly proud and tremendously humbled.

To make all this happen, I first did quite a bit of research on our potential competition and the steps it takes to take an idea and transform it into something physical. It took quite a while to collect enough information to take the next steps necessary in the evolution from a thought to something digital, particularly since it was all coming out of my own pocket.

To make a long story short, I enlisted the help of quite a few different sources to help expand the brand into something I could reach out and touch, most recently which was @thelogocompany.

From what was once merely a doodle on the header of a piece of paper, soon became the icon for what will be the foundation for the company’s image. It may have taken longer than I expected, but I’m extremely satisfied with the results.

The photos below give some perspective into what the drafting process is like. Most of the changes that were made after we were clear on what we wanted are subtle, small details that we toyed back and forth with until it was decided on a finalization.

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Zune Top 5
1} These Days by The Black Keys on Brother
2} Black & Yellow by Wiz Khalifa
3} Deuces Remix by Chris Brown ft. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, & Andre 3000
4} 25 To Life By Eminem on Recovery
5} Runaway by Kanye West ft. Pusha T on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


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