Into The Light

I’ve been up in Chicago for a little over a week now and absolutely love it here. There’s so much I don’t know about the city itself and I’m eager to learn and experience all it has to offer. My efforts and evolution into becoming a more disciplined minimalist are truly starting to pay dividends. Walking everywhere is so much nicer than driving. You really appreciate and notice the small things you normally miss.

Unfortunately I’ll be headed back to Springfield sometime in the next couple days for the funeral proceedings for my late grandfather on my fathers’ side. It will however, be nice to see some family I haven’t seen in quite some time and share stories about all the amazing things he did in his life.

Everyday I wake up knowing that I’m making tremendous progress in my own personal development and that I’m passionate and energized to do the things I love most. Doing all the cool work in the past year and a half to really create and mold the No Chop Poker brand and it’s image has made me appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to transform an idea you love into something physically awesome. Also, I’ve learned more than anything that most of problems you will face will be a product of your own fear, and that even though things never go perfectly the way you planned, it’s still always easier than you make it out to be.

My first month of tutelage under @RishanB has come and gone and he has inspired some amazing insights within me. He is a truly wonderful coach and since I started under his wing, have made some monumental progress regarding my psyche and consciousness.

One of the reasons I’ve struggled lately with producing consistent, quality entries for this blog with valuable content is because I often contemplate just how exactly I should be expressing myself. Bruce Lee once said that martial arts means honestly expressing yourself, which is a very difficult thing to do. Sometimes I wonder what other people will think, if they will react negatively, etc…which is essentially a product of thinking to much, instead of just doing. It’s something I do my best to improve at every day.

I had been playing much more poker since my last entry, but my inflated passion to pursue MTT excellence is perhaps premature; I need to sharpen many of my skills and intend on doing so by focusing almost solely on SNGs, studying hand histories, watching videos, and polishing my fundamentals until further bettering my abilities in the coming months.

I had accumulated quite a large number of small and midstakes FT’s and wins recently, but the high variance involved with MTTs can certainly difficult to deal with. It makes you appreciate the dedication and discipline the grind takes that much more. The burn online poker gives you and the intense focus needed to succeed by it motivates me to be that much more dedicated to focus on strengthening my abilities.

The rest of the No Chop Poker clan had quite a bit of success in August, with @Brin1285 making the FT of the Brawl a few Sundays past. Gasol ended the month on a scorching heater the past couple weeks, after winning the $10k turbo rush 1r – which is fucking incredible – chopping the 28k HU, winning the 30k outright, and making several other FT’s including the 50/50 twice, 15k SS, 30cubed, 23k KO and the 10.5k 2r rush as well all on FTP.

In the meantime I’ve continue to progress with @thelogocompany who have done an excellent job shaping the identity of the NCP brand through several amounts of concepts and designs. I very much look forward to seeing the gear in print; it is something I’ve been wanting for a very long time and have dedicated much of my time and thought to the last 18 months or so.

One of the things that I think about endlessly is what I can do within my own power to help others fight for a cause that’s not my own. In ancient Japan, warriors called this ideology “borrowing the battlefield”. What I’ve concluded is a thought I had danced with for some time, and that’s making a significant, conscious effort to help strengthen the fight against preventing cancer.

After losing my own father to pancreatic cancer and enduring, even if only briefly, a lymphoma scare of my own, there’s no doubt in my mind I’d like to do whatever it takes to contribute to the cause.

All that being said, what I have planned I think will really benefit both the poker community and the front towards improving cancer prevention. I’ve been talking back and forth with the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Bad Beat on Cancer, and intend to donate {at least} 1% of all profits from No Chop Poker to BBoC.

At first glance it may seem like a small gesture, but it has so much potential to do wonderful things if embraced by both communities like I think it can and will be. Even though our goal would be to sell as much product as possible, if we could gain support from other prominent players and get them to donate 1% of their profits (or more) in tournaments than the cause could eventually swell to tremendous strength.

Anyway that’s all for now – I wanted to keep this pretty short since I hadn’t posted in a while and wanted to update everyone on what was going on. Peace.

Zune Top 5
1} Superstar by Wiz Khalifa on Deal Or No Deal
2} Greet Death by Explosions in the Sky on Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die,Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever
3} The Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light by This Will Destroy You on R/T
4} Up All Night by Drake on Thank Me Later
5} To West Texas by Explosions in the Sky on Friday Night Lights soundtrack


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