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It’s been almost two weeks since I got back to my hometown of Springfield, IL. Haven’t done anything too crazy since, after electing to not go camping last weekend. Just didn’t feel like living in dirt for a few days right after making a transition into another different house. I still haven’t figured out just what all of the light switches do.

Since my last entry I’ve got to hang out with the handful of close friends I hadn’t chilled with in probably two months, which has been cool. Being in Vegas is awesome, especially when you have a couple of homies with you, but not having a deep team for support there definitely takes it toll.

There’s been some very exciting developments in my life since returning home. I recently hired former high stakes cash game player, successful self-help blogger and creator of @RishanB for the next three months as a life coach of sorts, to help me hammer out and shape all of the goals and ideas I have regarding my future. After what was supposed to be a 15 minute trial phone call turned into a nearly hour long discussion, it really just felt like natural, solid decision.

My first official coaching call was this past Thursday, and it helped tremendously with both mapping out a path to achieving my most personal goals and addressing some of my weaknesses with my writing and this blog in particular.

When I first started this blog in the spring of o9, my reasoning was relatively simple: I wanted to keep people updated on my progress & happenings while in Las Vegas for the summer and the rest of my travels. More than anything I wanted to create some form of channel where I could write about whatever the hell I wanted to and have someplace for people, whether it be friends or family or the occasional internet passer-by, to read it.

With that being said, only recently have I begun to appreciate just exactly what I’ve been able to do with Beer & Pwning, and the seemingly limitless potential and upside it has as a blog from a viral self-marketing and branding standpoint.

I’m committed to making this blog a much more receptive and transparent channel for everything that’s happening in my life, and am very eager to continue making improvements.

For a while I had only been posting maybe once or twice a month, which I absolutely loathed myself for. I want to be posting valuable content on here every couple of days or so, including an increasingly vast amount of digital media i.e. pictures, video, etc. I am also going to start selling ‘Beer & Pwning in Las Vegas’ t-shirts here on the site, and frankly am pretty damn excited about the idea because I think they will be awesome.

Translating my feelings onto paper (or in this case, WordPress) has always come relatively easy to me. Writing is a hobby I enjoy thoroughly and I’m extremely motivated to develop my talents as such. Hopefully this site well continue to showcase my growth and desire to do so.

If you have not noticed already, essentially every individual post is generally named after a song title that represents how I’m feeling at the time or what I feel best describes the contents of each entry. I’ve received a fair amount of compliments on this element of my writing and feel it does add a unique touch to each post, and is something I will continue to do.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading the last two weeks, finishing ‘Making Ideas Happen’ by Scott Belsky rather quickly and skimming through a variety of other books on economics, philosophy, martial arts, and also started the ‘Bourne’ novel series.

Other than that I’ve been working out every other day, mixing in free weights, cardio, and more simulated shadow sparring. It’s amazing how much more comfortable I feel in my body since I first started studying MMA. If you ever have the chance to give it a shot, I can tell you first hand that you will probably learn more about yourself in the first half an hour of instruction than you had previously known in your life.

The past few days I’ve been reviewing some of Brin1285’s hand histories on Universal HH Replayer from some recent victories and deep runs to improve my MTT skills. As I start to put in more volume this tutelage will undoubtedly help me obtain better results. He’s a world class player and I not only respect his poker opinion but that of a great friend. I know that most players can be pretty protective of their HH’s or coaching other players, so I’m very fortunate enough to have someone I happen to live with who I can learn so much from.

Neither of us did much this past weekend, except go to a few bars on Saturday and get mildly drunk. I wish the details of it all were more glamorous as you do.

Monday provided the epic Midwest thunderstorms you only hear about during a Las Vegas summer, which obviously explains the sand. Our power went out for like 3 hours in the early afternoon, and me & Brin got bored without wifi in about 7 minutes. The cure, you ask? Plant shopping. And Sonic. In reverse order. We then attempted to pot a plant on the front porch in the wrong kind of pot that was too small, shaping it with a plastic butter knife and narrowly preventing its complete destruction.

I’ve been spending the rest of my time the past day or two taking care of some business on NC’s behalf and figuring out what sort of furniture and other things are absolutely necessary for me to buy. Right now my bedroom looks like a comfortable solitary confinement cell. I’ve looked at a few different low rise beds I’m just not sure I found the right one. Also been making some arrangements to sell my car after reading a few different articles about similar subjects. At this point I realize just how stupid they really are, both from a practical and environmental standpoint.

For instance, I bought my car for like $10k in the middle of o6, have probably spent between $10-15k on it between gas, insurance, maintenance, upgrades, etc. However, it’s only worth probably a little under $6k, which doesn’t really make any sense at all. Besides, if I’m going to start traveling more it would be a pretty pointless possession to keep. People have cars because it’s convenient to take around the corner to the grocery store and get to work, but don’t really consider how huge of a hassle they are or can be.

I have my second full coaching session here shortly and once it is completed plan on writing all evening after I finish some additional errands I have to attend to. Check back for my next post here before the weekend!!

Zune Top 5
1} Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross on Teflon Don
2} We’re Done by Wiz Khalifa on Kush & Orange Juice
3} The Precipice by Mogwai on The Hawk Is Howling
4} Roots of Creation by Sublime on Everything Under The Sun Disc 1
5} I Want You by Kings of Leon on Only By The Night


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