Tides of Time

Our time here in Vegas has flown by yet again. We’re preparing to take off tomorrow, a couple days earlier than originally planned or expected. I think all of us wish the last month could have gone more gloriously and are extremely excited to make it back home to see friends & family. Like Brin said in his most recent blog entry, it’s really easy to get ‘Vegas’d out’. However, having no expectations this summer helped me enjoy the last 6 weeks much more so than I did last year. I met some really cool people and enjoyed quite a few of some of the most fun nights in recent memory.

Since my last entry we’ve been doing a steady mix of relaxing and returning to form. Gasol made it into the money in event 54 despite being short stacked for the majority of the tournament time after getting cooler’d on the river for a 10k pot in one of the early levels. He deserved better after enduring poor variance in a number of Venetian Deepstacks, but I suppose there’s little justice in poker. If anything, it’s just more motivation to continue improving to return next year a vastly more skilled player.

Brin has snapped out of his first half of the year funk the past two weeks, securing a number of large wins online and absorbing from them, certainly, a renewed level of confidence. Seeing my roommates have this type of success pushes me to realize the areas I need to improve in to match both their results and bankroll, which is humbling.

I’ve been doing a much better job focusing on my diet & making sure I meditate a little bit when I wake up every day, get a good workout mix in or work on my katas. I’m so excited to get home and start training with a bow staff, I think it’s like the coolest thing ever to the point of nerdum {new word?}. Plus it gives me that much more incentive to continue enhancing my knowledge of MMA.

Aside from that I’ve been doing a decent amount of reading and working on improving both this blog & the upcoming No Chop website, which is now about one year in the making. I’ve learned so much since last summer about what it will take for this company to be successful, and feel like I’ve finally reached the point where everything has come together nicely for it all to work, albeit numerous setbacks. I look around the industry at the products that come out routinely and basically think they all suck and are unappealing. I really think we can change the game quite a bit.

I’m more than ready to start devoting all of my time to poker, in one way or another {whether that means putting in an greatly increased volume both online & live and/or through No Chop}, my study of martial arts, and my writing. I will now be posting twice a week here on Beer&Pwning, most like on Monday & Thursday or Friday as those seem like the days where I’ll have the most to write about.

Getting home later this week will be a welcome event. Driving across the country, though it’s smooth sailing aside from the occasional speeding ticket, is a mix of mild amusement and cruel torture. I can’t wait to see the rest of my friends and family, as well as play lots of golf and soak in a many Cardinal games. The Las Vegas desert is such a dead and desolate place, particularly during the daytime. I miss the color green in general. Running through the park, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the absence of infinite dust. It will be very calming to settle into the new house and get off to another new beginning. Also, I have all of my old entries moved over to here, feel free to check em out! Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!!

Zune Top 5
1} Strange & Beautiful (I’ll Put A Spell On You) by Aqualung on Strange & Beautiful
2} Light Up by Drake on Thank Me Later
3} Space Bound by Eminem on Recovery
4} No Surprises by Radiohead on OK Computers
5} This Plane by Wiz Khalifa on Deal Or No Deal


~ by therealJWilliam on July 5, 2010.

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