Inside It All Feels The Same

The last couple weeks have been awesome. Even though today is the first day of Summer, it feels like it’s almost over already. I miss golfing back home & all my friends and siblings. We’ll probably be heading out of here in 3 weeks or so and I’ve only posted one short entry, the reason for which still eludes me.

I’ve had all the material & the motivation, as well as the desire to write, I just haven’t been able to put something down I feel like posting. I think it definitely has something to do with FB/Twitter, since everything I’m thinking or doing at any given moment I usually just put on one or the other or both.

I guess I’m in good company tho…Brin & Jee haven’t updated their respective blogs in months haha. Get your levels up guys!

It was another less than spectacular week on the grind here, although we all shipped one tourny or another. Gasol managed to ship the Turbo Fiddy in his sleep somehow. MBFN to run like PBabe. Nothing major that we always play for tho. One day, No Chop, one day.

We’ve been watching a lot of the World Cup since at least two of us are usually up at the normal 4 am kickoff lol. Nothing new there. Also seen quite a few new movies, if only from the comfort of my own computer.

I went and saw Get Him To The Greek with this girl I met @ VooDoo one night – it was funny but far from great; The Karate Kid was really solid I thought, far superior than the original in terms of martial arts knowledge, and obviously acting prowess; A-Team was fuckingggg awesome…it was both hilarious & action packed, be sure to check that out! Still waiting to corral a hot date for Toy Story 3 haha.

A few of our boys from back home were here for a week which lead to more than a few wild nights. Mostly there was just a lot of poolside boozing and degenerate banter as we watched the ‘Hawks take the Stanley Cup over the course of their stay. Shippp ittt.

When we return back to the Midwest we’ll be hittin up Huzzah Valley, MO for some camping and an alcohol-infused version of Men vs. Wild. I actually haven’t drank in a week or so, let alone even gone down to the Strip. I just don’t really enjoy it all that much anymore, and at this point am pretty turned off by light beer in particular. Gimme a few Sam Adams or a Stella Artois and I’m perfectly content.

Besides, it doesn’t really help the cause of improving my physical condition/physique every day. I already worked out this morning, ran 1 mile then practiced some katas{mma forms}, and after sweating that much slamming a many drinks later in the day doesn’t seem like that fantastic of an idea. I still very much enjoy drinking, hell it’s in my genes and lineage, but I guess when you grow up around a bar and are constantly surrounded by alcoholics, it can be a bit of a turnoff.

Anyway it’s time for my post second World Cup match mid-morning siesta. If anyone is looking to come out and visit shoot me a message, we do our best to keep an open schedule around here! PEACE

Zune Top 5
1} The Light by The Album Lead on Into The Blue Again
2} Else by Built to Spill on Keep It Like A Secret
3} In The Cut by Wiz Khalifa on Kush & Orange Juice
4} Pretty Boy Swag Remix by Soulja Boy & Gucci Mane
5} Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue on Theater Of Pain


~ by therealJWilliam on June 21, 2010.

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