Yet Another Story

Finally all settled down here at the house in Vegas. It didn’t really feel like we were even really back until we went down to O’Shea’s last night for some beer pong action. I didn’t drink all that much cuz I figured I’d end up driving home, but Brin & Gasol must have won at least 10 games in a row, pocketing a small beer pong fortune.

Me & Brinjamin headed back to the house around 4 while Gasol stayed behind, and as of right now is still not back at the house. Really quite standard. {note: as I finished this post, Gasol walked in the door @ 2:20. He said all he remembers is the police escorting him out of O’Shea’s this morning. Also standard}

We had originally left way behind schedule on Tuesday because I didn’t get my car in soon enough late last week and was doing some last-minute moving into the new house. Me & Brin took off down I-55S towards St. Louis around 7:30. I basically drove 8 hours straight minus a few stops and made it into Tulsa without incident.

Wednesday started off smoothly until I got pulled over in OK doing 85 in a 70 {I really had to piss} & subsequently was awarded a lovely speeding ticket for $226.50. Booyashacka. Almost 800 miles later we took refuge a little into Arizona so we could use the extra hour we had gained for much needed sleep.

Thursday’s drive was pretty quiet aside from an hour near standstill on the last stretch of I44W before we hopped on 93 towards Hoover Dam. Traffic was nearly non existent and we rolled into Henderson sometime in the middle of the evening and got everything unpacked. Somehow the house owner neglected to tell us we’d be unable to use the garage. SFAWESOME.

I grilled some Mahi fillets & cooked some brown rice while we waited for Gasol to arrive from Colorado around Midnight. The three of us went around the corner to Mowie’s Cues & Brews to shoot some pool and drink some beeeeers. Nothing too crazy.

Yesterday I did a little reading, got a bit more organized, resolved our internet problems, went to the store with Gasol then after lunch we went for a solid run around the new ‘hood. Nothing is more humbling than cardio. You think you’re in good shape until you’re sucking desert wind wondering why you weren’t born in LeBron’s body.

No plans for tonight other than the usual workout & reading sesh. Maybe head over to the Rio & check out WSOP action. I dont think any of us have figured out what tounrys we will be playing or when. We got a quite a few homies flyin in mid-week to hang out & join us in what will surely be a fine display of drinking prowess & degeneracy.

Zune Top 5
1} Up by Wiz Khalifa on Kush & Orange Juice
2} Let’s See If Those Bastards Can Do 90 by Always The Runner on self-titled
3} Freedom Blade by This Will Destroy You on Field Studies
4} In A Late Style Of Fire by The Six Parts Seven on Silence Magnifies Sound
5} Yep, I’m Back by Fabolous on From Nothin’ To Somethin’

Zune logo


~ by therealJWilliam on May 29, 2010.

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