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…annnnd two months later, I return with my longest, most profound blog entry yet. I must apologize for the delay. My style of writing makes it somewhat complicated for me to pump out a post or two every week. I don’t necessarily like writing a few blurbs of what I do on any given day. Creating longer, more detailed entries suits me much more because there’s always a bagillion things I want to talk about.

That being said, I’m determined from here on out to keep Beer & Pwning a much more efficient reflection of my everyday life, a la Facebook and Twitter, and not just a summary of what I do from month to month. I’m going to do my best to post some smaller updates here and there, more pictures, and the occasional video log.

So, where to begin?

Since my last post I’ve jumped around quite a bit here in the Midwest…bouncing back and forth between St. Louis, Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield, I’ve gotten a chance to catch of with some of my closest friends who, as it’s becoming more apparent, I do not spend nearly enough time with.

We ended up not making the trek down to PCB for spring break…instead spent it in the moderately tropical region of central Illinois. There was just a lot of conflicts with everyone’s schedule, and none of us really felt like making the drive. No big deal.

My cousin ShipDaStacks {check out his new BlogSpot, “Jee’s Road to Robusto”} flew out for a week early this month and joined me on the grind, which was a lot of fun. His cash game prowess online is far superior to mine, and it was nice to pick his brain a bit. At the same time he was eager to ask questions about mtt strategy, which I really enjoy discussing and hearing what other people’s responses are. He’ll be joining me, Brin, & Gasol for at least a couple weeks over the WSOP once we complete what will be my first return journey to Sin City. I look more and more forward to the prospects of this summer each day.

Everything I’m involved in day to day has begun picking up speed since the new year. All the preparations for the launch of the n0ch0p poker lifestyle collection point to the first samples being ready before the WSOP circuit kicks off @ Harrah’s Saint Louis the first week of April, which has been the plan now for some time. That being said, we’re looking much farther ahead to make sure things are in order before the WSOP moves to Vegas for the summer toward the end of May.

I must say we’ve assembled quite a sick squad from top to bottom, between poker players, MMA fighters, designers, etc., I really couldn’t be happier about the prospects of the company as a whole. Network Solutions has been absolutely spectacular to work with all around. If you are looking for any kind of web design or hosting, do not hesitate to go to those guys in the clutch, they will deliver…just tell them I sent you!

All that aside, there’s still plenty of work to do. The one thing any entrepreneur will tell you when they start is how easy it is to get burnt out. I’m not gonna lie, getting everything to sync together properly is tough. My short, very limited two-year run at a Bachelor’s degree taught me zilch about the fashion industry, so I’ve had to to do all the research myself, which has been both exhausting and exhilarating.

As far as my progress on the felt, the past month or two I’ve gotten back into the groove of grinding multiple hours a few days a week, and am finally starting to gain some momentum again. I’m at a point in my life where I’m so determined to compete at a high level at everything I do, that I find more fuel for the fire everyday. I’m really fortunate to have a great group of people around me I can talk to about hands and bounce ideas off of, who will be honest about their assessments and aren’t afraid to call me an idiot, which I can appreciate.

Unfortunately when you step away from something for a while, rust is inevitably going to build up somewhere. While I certainly feel like I’ve gained some additional skill(s) in the meantime, somethings just take some time to feel normal again. To make the transition easier, I’ve setup a nice little office where I can concentrate free from distractions, and since doing so have seen my productivity jump.

I’ve been doing my best to get in a good bit of reading every other day or so, as I slowly carve my way thru the end of ‘Andrew Carnegie’. As expected, I am crushing my 12 books in 12 months challenge right now, as I already finished ‘A Brief History of the Paradox: Philosophy & the Labyrinths of the Mind’ by Roy Sorenson and ‘Outstanding’ by John G. Miller in January and February, respectively. Both were terrific books, two that I’ll certainly look thru again in the near future.

So far this month I’m about half way thru ‘A World of Ideas’ by Chris Rohman, which is more of a dictionary of other people’s philosophies than anything else. It counts nontheless lol. Basically I just go to B&N and put in marathon reading/study sessions to avoid paying for anything but coffee. Life nit, I know.

Aside from that, I’ve been putting in the other sliver of my downtime into studying for the two Microsoft certifications {Microsoft Certified Pro, MC Desktop Support Tech} I’ve been pursuing to pump up my IT credentials. It’s just something I enjoy doing. There’s a good chance I’ll never even work in the (IT) industry, but these skills will be extremely useful down the road regardless, particularly if you consider how quickly our civilizations’ technology advances . Besides, I’ll probably never go back to school, so at least I’ll have something to hang on the wall lol!

Anyway, one of the reasons I chose not to write an update beforehand is because I wanted to talk a lot about the present state of the IT industry, and wanted to wait certain announcements were made by select companies – Microsoft, HP, Apple, etc. – at the Consumer Electronics Show, Mobile World Congress, and other such tech summits.

While 2oo9 was coming to a close, it seemed this year was destined to be the Year of the Tablet. However, I’m starting to be convinced otherwise. While there’s certainly plenty of tablets that will be available for retail in the coming months, I feel like there’s not a whole lot of reasons to buy one. I personally wouldn’t get an Apple iPad if it flushed my toilet. I think the thing is a piece of crap, potentially probably the least capable tablet any company will release all year.

From everything I’ve seen and read, Lenovo’s IdeaPad U1, Neonode’s zForce Pad, and the Hewlett Packard Slate all look to be much more appealing devices with much higher upside and the potential to be technologically superior to their competition. For the time being, we’ll leave Microsoft’s somewhat mythic Courier device out of the discussion, partially because it’s too awesome, and also the details are pretty limited at this point.

Microsoft Courier, que salvation music

I absolutely adored reading the tech blogs the week Apple officially unveiled the iPad. Nothing like a good Apple bashing to get my spirits up.

I mean seriously Apple, you just released a new electronic device, that is essentially a keyboardless netbook/oversized iPhone with no phone or camera…that has no USB ports or HDMI slots? Uh huh…and you control everything I put on it? Mmhmm, so there’s no file sharing at all? Hahaha {me, laughing out loud} and it doesn’t run Flash? You know, you really don’t even deserve a GTFO??…now GTFO.

Then of course, there was the announcement they finally patched a dozen glaring vulnerabilities in OS X/Snow Leopard.

It’s reasons like this hackers absolutely love Apple. It’s certainly not because they run Mac’s frail, ugly, emotionally unstable, 13 year-old girl of an operating system. Let’s face it, if Microsoft didn’t let Macs run Windows (exactly what Apple does to Google for anything on the iPhone), Macs would be rendered irrelevant.

Macs hardly use poor specs (anymore) either…usually they are quite up to par – yes, that was me, vouching for Darth Jobs – they (Apple) just charge two to three times as much for the same ones you can find anywhere else. You think bin Laden uses a fucking MacPro running OS X? Hell no…if he did we would have found him by now. Besides, if there’s one shopper that knows a good deal when he sees one, it’s a terrorist.

I honestly feel bad for people with iPhones. For starters, they get stuck with AT&T generally speaking, the mother of all horrible wireless companies. Both companies (Apple, AT&T) have support that rivals with Comcast aka Xfinity aka die in a grease fire that pushes people to the edge of gauging their own eyes out. Only way I’m ever making a multiple hour commute to an Apple store is if I get abducted by a Jihadist movement, they brainwash me to be a suicide bomber then strap me in a car filled with C4 and point me in the right direction.

Secondly, you have to use iTunes for music! This is no laughing matter, it’s serious. I’m worried about you guys. Seeing you like this brings me to the brink of tears, true sadness on behalf of your poor, helpless souls. Get Zune soon…I mean feel better : (

I don’t know what is worse for the IT industry, Apple’s closed-source, neo-Nazi approach, or Google’s open-source, incest-is-okay, we won’t watch…alright we have 12 cameras covering every angle, let’s go get Chipolte before it closes-policy. All I know is they are both awfully terrible, like the NY Knicks & the New Jersey Nets.

The first places tremendous limitations on the ability of any given device, almost to the point where you’re just borrowing it.

The second opens Pandora’s Motherf*cking Box to anyone who wants to unleash their mammoth of a malicious software program into a seemingly infinite arena without anyone over at Google even really giving a fuck. Ohh Android users, every evening I retire to the study to drink Scotch and chuckle at your misfortunes.

Bearotaur, the malicious software beast

The one thing Google is good for, and actually good at, is making money. You don’t really have to do much to make money off of Google directly or indirectly…all you have to do is green light search engine optimization and you’re golden.

For instance, Microsoft and Goggle share zero partnerships, and probably never will. However, if you…this makes me cringe…Google “Microsoft” you will get results a plenty. Now while this doesn’t make any money directly, you can certainly see how it could have a positive affect on your revenue.

However, you’ve got to think how much this spite must piss off the goons over at Googs, particularly when someone searches “Apple”, as it becomes more clear everyday just how much these two hate each other. It’s all come to fruition in the last two weeks or so when Apple sued HTC, producer of the Nexus One, for several patent infringements. Cat fight, rarrrr!

It was just a kiss Steve, lighten up!

Meanwhile, Microsoft has unveiled the Golden Gun of mobile devices, the Windows Phone 7 Series, also known as the sweetest thing ever. With XBOX Live & Zune integration, Office 2010 and a free app development kit, the WP7 {sounds like another Bond gun} is about to change the game. So many Fortune 500 companies will be using this device simply because it runs the new Office, most of whom {80% or so} use Windows-based servers to begin with. This is something Apple will eventually have to come to terms with. Will they submit to using Office on the iPhone much like they do Windows for Macs? They are already contemplating scratching Google as the default search on the iPhone to the Bing engine in the midst of their endless feud. The real question is, what will the mobile marketplace look like at the beginning of 2o11?!

I must say, the appeal of the WP7 is enough in itself, but to add Xbox Live & Zune is so incredibly exciting to my inner nerd, I just can’t help myself. It makes one wonder, is it enough to compel a younger gen Xbox fanatic to ditch his iPhone? I don’t see why not.

For example, my brother has an iPhone. He also plays Call of Duty on avg, probably 15+ hours a week (on Xbox). When I showed him the demo for WP7, he was in awe. The only word he managed to get out after standing speechless was “sickk”. I could not have said it better myself.

I suppose that about does it for now. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day after all, I’m going to go make an Irish coffee and enjoy this wondrous life and everything in it. Til next time, cheers mates.

Ohh and don’t forget to check out Hilary Werth’s Art Facebook Group, in the right nav bar under ‘Cool Stuff!’! The girl’s got skills, recognize!!

Zune Top 5
1} On My Way by DJ Khaled on Victory
2} Shining Down by Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos on Lasers
3} Gortoz A Ran by Denez Prigent on Black Hawk Down Soundtrack
4} Invincible Jets by Curren$y on Smokee Robinson
5} In For The Kill by La Roux on Quicksand EP {from the Bayonetta commercial, this song was stuck in my head for weeks}

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