On to the Next One

To start off the first post of the new decade I want to thank everyone for all of your feedback, kind compliments, words of motivation, but most importantly your criticism. Beer&Pwning has been a wonderful outlet for me to better understand myself and others more clearly through writing and reflection, whilst keeping family, friends, and the occasional internet nomad informed on all the happenings of my life. Happy New Year to you all, may it be a merry one.

I can’t believe I’m on my second calendar year keeping this blog! First change of the New Decade…I will no longer say, “‘I’ll post next ____”…because I’ve come to the realization that it is a poor strategy for creating a solid deadline for myself.

Anyway, I hope everyone had as awesome of a holiday season as I did. Seeing all of my mother’s side of the family in Toronto over Christmas was a blast!! Getting back to the States was a bit hectic tho. Sunday[the last one of o9] my flight got canceled to Chicago because of snow here, then Monday I had to sift thru the terrorist aftermath. It was insane but I made it home without any further complications which was a relief to say the least .

Brin & I didn’t even go out on NYE. A bunch of us decided to do n0 b00ze all this month, so we figured we might as well get an early start. It’s a great way for all of us to get off to as progressive of a start as we can on the felt and off of it. Besides, all those additional calories from alcohol can’t be helping my physique. I personally haven’t had a decent training session in probably three weeks with all the traveling I’ve been doing. I’m finally settled back in here tho and for the most part have been getting in as many pushups as possible. I don’t mind running when it’s cold, but the windchill has been wicked and all I wanna do is stay inside and use my new Keurig coffee machine.

As far as the next 11+ months go, there’s plenty on the table and I’m pretty god damn hungry. I have such huge ambitions and expectations for 2o1o. I set a few small goals for myself already, one of which is to read one book a month – twelve total obv, but the more the merrier.

“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” – Ralph W. Sockman

Here’s how I made out the last few months with reading. Not quite as well as I’d hoped, but I didn’t realize ‘AC’ was going to be longer than ‘Gangs of New York’. Thankfully it’s quite a bit more interesting, and undoubtedly has a better ending.

– Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw{in progress}
– 4-Hour Work Week by Timmothy Ferris[x]
– Biology of Transcendence by David Chilton Pearce[x]
– Secret Tactics by Kazumi Tabata{x}
– The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi[x]
– What Lincoln Believed by Michael Lind{in progress}
– Third Man Factor by John Geiger[x]
– Curious? by Dr. Todd Kashdan; [x]
– Body, Mind, Mastery by Dan Millman[x]
– Words I Wish I Wrote by Robert Fulghum{x}

I have soo many more things I wish I could share with you all right now about my current business prospects and goals for the new year, but I’m afraid everything has just not come far along enough yet to be sharing what I’d consider to be sensitive information. However, as things progress, you WILL be hearing ALL about it. In the words of Martin Lawrence, “Beli’ dat.”

One thing I want to do plenty of this year, besides make money, is travel. I’ve got quite a few spots on my check list that I want scratch off this year. Ireland, Germany, Amsterdam, & French Polynesia all make the cut this time around. You only live once right? Go big or go home imho.

As far as 2oo9 is/was concerned, I’m truly blessed and fortunate enough to have experienced so many amazing things. From traveling to new places to drinking with old friends in familiar ones, I certainly have plenty of memories and accomplishments to be proud of while not feeling a sliver of satisfaction. I think that’s a good great thing.

It’s crazy to think I’m staring down the barrel of the 25th year of my life as a living organism on this planet lol. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to cherish every second of it, something that is all too easy to forget.

Now I said I wouldn’t say I’ll post again ___, but I will say my next post will be almost exclusively IT related. This year is going to be, to be blunt, fucking crazy. We’ve officially entered the era of multitouch tablets, see-through OLED monitors, controller-free gaming and all sorts of other crazy shit. I warn you again: this year is going to be INSANE. Potentially mind-blowing. Seriously, your head might literally explode at some point this year because you’re brain is not going to be able to process what is actually happening in front of you. So strap on your helmet, find a sweet pair of shades, and hold on tight to your “OHHH SHITTT!!!!” bar like it’s going out of fucking style, because this is going to be the craziest god damn ride you’ve ever been on. Welcome to 2o1o, act accordingly.

Zune Top 5 Most Listened to of 2oo9
1} The World Is Our ____ by This Will Destroy You on Quiet – circa 2006
2} My President by Young Jeezy on The Recession
3} All The Above by Maino feat. T-Pain on Black Flag City
4} Young Forever by Jay-Z on Blueprint III
5} Plenty Money by Plies on Da Realist

Current Zune Top 5
1} Hell Breaks Lose by Eminem feat. Dr. Dre on Relapse: Refill
2} Drop the World by Eminem & Lil Wayne on Relapse: Refill
3} Wetter by Lil Wayne on No Ceilings
4} Them Crooked Vultures whole self titled album…it’s that awesome
5} Kings Meadow by Mogwai on The Hawk is Howling

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One Response to “On to the Next One”

  1. i laughed hard at the last paragraph….i am ready to have my mind blown with all the crazy ass gagets….

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