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Been back in IL for basically two weeks now and been busy ever since, so I decided to take an excursion up to Chicago this past weekend with @brin1285, a trip that basically consisted of us and anyone we were with drinking what would be considered by most to be an excessive amount of alcohol.

Took off around early Friday afternoon to meet up with @ALew2 in Champaign, then kept heading north til we reached our friend’s apartment in the Chi around 7ish. Him and his roommates were going to the Bulls/Warriors game, so we headed to ESPNZone to grab some dinner & start boozing. I started downing 25oz Sam Adams Winter Lager drafts over my sauteed salmon, which came with bacon, chive, and cheese loaded mashed potatoes, green beans, and the best sauteed garlic & basil cherry tomatoes I can ever imagine having – quite the exquisite meal.

Once Gasol & $chwo$ [pronounced Shh-whoa-mun-e] showed up we started playing some games. Brin ran way above expectation in air hockey, sweeping me 4-0 and leaving me thirsty for revenge. I had vowed to dominate in basketball, and being a IHSA Regional Three Point Champion {’04}, I would have been ashamed if I did not [the game was on a 10 ft hoop, rapid fire from approx. the free throw line]. We were both torching it for the most part – especially if you consider the amount of beer we had consumed and that we were both wearing dress shoes – but I one upped him every time, taking five straight and a gaining back a sliver of my dignity.

Eventually we decided to leave to meet some friends at another bar. On the way out we noticed Boston Celtics forward Rasheed Wallace at the bar downstairs, seemingly by himself, so a couple of us went over and said what up {Go Heels} and then we were off into the winter night to obtain a many more alcoholic beverages.

We met up with everyone else @ Grand Central, and the ten or twelve of us went to, I think, three or four{maybe five?} additional bars over of the course of the night. From what I can remember, I spent most of it dancing with and chatting up beautiful women while downing countless SoCo/lime shots and 312 [Goose Island Urban Wheat Ale – great Chicago-brewed beer] drafts. The last bar we were at closed at 4, around the same time $chwo$ and myself got involved in a minor altercation with a cowardly donkey that had previously been quite cordial towards me. Anyway, the guy made the wise move of just walking away and, sadly, no punches were thrown. The bars closed and we cabbed it home.

After getting back to our temporary place of refuge, we crushed some Sarpino’s then passed the eff out. I woke up at what I now know was around 10:30am in desperate need of water. The clock on the stove however, said 12:30pm. Somehow word spread what time is was[n’t], and everyone started to get up. Sometime within the next hour we finally realized that  it was 2 hours earlier than we had originally thought and that we all felt like shit. I can honestly say without any doubt in my mind I have never had a worse headache in my entire life. I’m positive the day after I had to get 7 staples in my head [see: rocking chair] I felt 10x better than I did on Saturday. Everyone basically just went back to sleep at that point, and we all spent the majority of the afternoon lying around being useless.

Eventually a few of us conjured up enough energy to search for our first meal of the day. We split up and I went to Panera because coffee sounded amazing – better than Starbucks imho – while a few of the guys got Chipolte next door.

Afterward we headed back to our temporary place of refuge, grabbed our stuff and headed out to Gasol’s condo for n0ch0p’s 1st annual ugly sweater Christmas party.

When we got there the keg was flowin but I opted instead for pouring up several vodka/lemonades because I don’t drink Miller anything for two reasons: a) it tastes awful, and b) I’m a StL Cardinals fan and will never support a division rival (Brewers) by buying their terrible beer.

I spent most of the evening ingesting numerous shots – some JELLO, some not – and playing pool and fooseball, two games I used to play almost everyday when I was a kid. Probably ate some candy/brownies/crap I wouldn’t normally eat if I was sober lol, which obviously shows you why I don’t drink all that often and how badly it kills the training regime I’ve been pushing myself through.

At some point I went outside to get my backpack in the car, slipped on some ice and got PWN3D by the sidewalk. My left elbow took all of the impact, but being drunk I naturally forgot it ever happened like 9 seconds later and didn’t remember until we were piecing together memory fragments the next day.

We headed out around just before noon Sunday amongst the chaos of what is the aftermath of your average alcohol-infused party – I’ll let you use your imagination. Made a few stops on the way back to Champaign, then Springfield, watched MNF and shut it down for the weekend.

I’ve spent the past two days working out, reading, studying for my Microsoft exams, running errands, and all sorts of other shit before I head to Toronto next week for Christmas in Canada with my mom’s whole side of the family. Definitely gonna be an awesome time and I can’t wait to see everyone who I haven’t seen for almost 2 years! Plus I get to fly from home to Chicago straight in so that makes my life a lot easier.

I will most certainly be posting again before Jesus’ birthday. In the meantime I leave you with a list of a few newly formed diet-related goals, some books, and of course, my Zune Top 5. Cheers.


– NO ice cream until St. Patrick’s Day {when I plan on eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ‘Dublin Mudslide’ …best stuff everrr}

– NO soda until St. Valentine’s Day {I love Dr. Pepper so the date seemed fitting}

– NO Dots until New Year’s Day {been a longgg 10 weeks}


Little Book Of Big Motivational Quotes by Sid Savara [to get this free E-book go to and sign up for his e-newsletter at the bottom of the page}

The Leap: How Three Simple Changes Can Propel Your Life From Good To Great by Rick Smith {no, not Rik Smits, former Indiana Pacers center}

Too Much Money by Dominic Dunne

Zune Top 5:
1} Love Like A Sunset Part I by Phoenix on Wolfgang Amadeous Phoenix
2} Footsteps by Clipse on Til The Casket Drops
3} 56 Bars by T.I. on Paper Trail
4} I Do Have Weapons by Mogwai on Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
5} What Do You Go Home To? by Explosions In The Sky on All Of The Sudden I Miss Everyone

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