Empire State of Mind

As expected, life is a little less chaotic here in Connecticut. It’s good to be back and see my family and friends I grew up with. Being here is pretty surreal. New England basically feels like an entirely different planet compared to the Midwest. As much as I enjoy it here, I’m definitely eager to return on Tuesday to get back on the grind.

Yesterday was the only day I haven’t worked out since I’ve been here and in quite some time…I guess I figured I needed the holiday off. I’ve had to make a few training adjustments, as my setup back home is completely different. As far as running, I do enjoy the change in terrain; needless to say when jogging back home I can expect my route to be pretty flat. I do have an excellent bench press at my disposal here, which is a nice change of pace from not really using any free weights at all.

Thanksgiving was a pretty mellow day for the most part…food and football. Just had dinner with the fam and crashed out pretty early. Luckily I was too tired to watch the Giants’ game.

Anyway, my Microsoft studies have been going extremely well. Most of the material is essentially the same stuff I was studying to prepare for A+ (troubleshooting Windows XP), so I’ll probably end up taking both {70-271} & {70-272} shortly after Christmas. I’m pretty stoked to be piling up these credentials (A+, MCP, MCDST) without any outside help. I certainly wish I would have pursued this path sooner tho, if only for the possession of these particular skills.

Anyway, I’m psyched Christmas is right around the corner. This time of year is when all the new tech hits the shelf, software and hardware alike. While I’m obviously a PC & Microsoft enthusiast (see: Poison Fruit), those who know me well know I’ll endorse any product, regardless of the manufacturer, if it functions at or above expectation.

One of these products however, will inevitably NEVER be a Mac computer. I’ve been saying literally for years that these computers are above and beyond a ripoff. They are overpriced ($2k+ more than a PC with the SAME specs?! GTFO) and poorly assembled, aside from being unable to receive upgrades, or even moderate tampering, whilst keeping their warranty. Sure enough, news breaks this week that Core i7 iMacs have been showing up dead on people’s doorsteps for quite some time now.

Gizmodo Gadget Guide ran an article recently on why buying a Mac Pro is just borderline idiotic. While I agree with their assessment, they hardly included the necessary information.

The argument I hear from Mac users is always the same. Generally, it’s from your standard, moderately (un)knowledgeable user and usually includes asinine statements about how they are “cooler” or “don’t get viruses”. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I suggest at least making sure yours is a practical one.

I’m not quite sure what goes thru the mind of a person buying a Mac. What exactly is the criteria for a decision like this? Apple advertisements literally brainwash people to think their computers are virus free or don’t attract malware, which is hardly the case. Their proposed solution is to have you buy a computer with either a) the same operating system[Windows] b) a far inferior operating system security-wise[OS X], or c) one of the above coupled with no security software…the definition of flawed logic, I’m afraid (Yes, I know there is software strictly available for Macs for producing and editing video. If that is your sole reasoning, more power to you).

Anyway, before my head explodes, there’s a much more exciting subject that has the tech world buzzing lately; the tablet.

Microsoft has already made it clear they are for real about this product line, already unveiling their initial prototype, called Courier. It’s made up of two 7in, multi-touch screens that is absolutely awe-inspiring. I can’t say enough how excited I am for this to actually hit the market. Courier is an extraordinary device that is certainly the wave of the future as far as the “pocket PC” is concerned. I was immediately impressed with the initial video, and you’d be hard pressed not to be. It’s just really fucking cool.

Microsoft Courier

Surprisingly, it has been made semi-clear that Courier will not be the only Microsoft tablet that will be hitting the market. Though speculation continues, several sources claim Courier is just one of several concept tablets MS plan to release.

While Microsoft is the only company to officially unveil their plans for a tablet, Apple’s scheming ways have been much more on the hush. While most would agree there’s no doubt they will release one in due time, some have said it’s simply a rumor and labeled it a myth; a white whale of the tech realm.

However, most tech junkies are far too clever to believe such nonsense. While no real tangible evidence has been leaked regarding this fabled device, it would seem it is essentially an oversized (and overpriced) gigantore of an iPhone, without the ability to make calls. This makes me scratch my head. Now, here’s where things become pretty hilarious. Rumor has it they plan on releasing it through…you guessed it, AT&T!! Bahaha! It would seem this conundrum of a project has EPIC FAIL written all over it.

Now there is another [bench riding]player in this tablet game so far, NVIDIA, the self-proclaimed “World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies”, a company that’s actually better known for constantly producing faulty graphics cards and chipsets. Needless to say I’m less than excited for the release of their cheap looking, Android-based, stink bomb of a device.

In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of things to keep me busy. n0ch0p is on the rise and does a good job of keeping me busy and outta trouble. Shout outs to BriN, KF2, $chwo, & Gas0l for their tremendous last few weeks – excellent work, keep grindin guys. I also have a few other projects up my sleeve (just rereading this makes me laugh a la Mr. Burns…excellllent) in progress I’ll announce sooner than later. Exciting stuff. Planning on making some trips up to Chicago before too long to chill with some friends and check out some Bulls/BlackHawks games. Vegas is still up in the air for January, but PCB for spring break is pretty much a lock. ‘Til next time. I’ll leave you with one of my new favorite quotes from Soundoff:

“I’m convinced Steve Jobs is two people – one is a genius, the other is an idiot.”

Also, this is my all time fav Google product…and I’d only ever use it in the case of an absolute extreme emergency:

Zune Top 5:
1} Cudi Zone by KiD CuDi on Man on the Moon: The End of Day
2} Assassin by John Mayer on Battle Studies
3} Walk The Streets by Rakim on The Seventh Seal
4} Money to Blow Remix by Birdman feat. 2 Pistols, Drake, & Lil Wayne on Pricele$$
5} Hypnotize by Young Jeezy on The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102

Don’t forget to check out Steven ‘dtools22’ DiTullio’s blog, Steve’s Terrible Table, I added it to my links list on the right navigation bar!

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