Forever Young

Yeahh so I obv never got a second entry posted in October, but I really have been quite busy lately. The one thing that can make blogging difficult is as the days pass, it becomes harder to collect all of your thoughts from the time in between your last post and present. I think of a few things each day I’d love to write about, but if I tried to squeeze in everything, I’d never finish an entry.

However, as things slow down around Thanksgiving, I should have plenty of excess time and content to write about as I’ll be traveling to the east coast to visit family for the holiday.

Last weekend for Halloween me & BriN met some of the n0ch0p crew in Champaign, which was a blast. Crazy costumes, crazy parties, crazy night. Met a lot of cool people, chilled with some old friends, and had plenty to drink. It was the third time I’ve headed up there on Halloween, and each time it seems to get progressively more awesome.

It’s been pretty wet here lately so I haven’t played any golf since my dad’s outing, which sucks. Hopefully I’ll get in some rounds before it gets too cold.

Been keeping up on reading and am definitely on pace to read the 10 books I set out to back in August. They are as follows:

– Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw{in progress}
– 4-Hour Work Week by Timmothy Ferris[x]
– Biology of Transcendence by David Chilton Pearce[x]
– Secret Tactics by Kazumi Tabata{in progress}
– The Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi[x]
– What Lincoln Believed by Michael Lind{in progress}
– Third Man Factor by John Geiger[x]
– Curious? by Dr. Todd Kashdan; [x]
– Body, Mind, Mastery by Dan Millman[x]
– Words I Wish I Wrote by Robert Fulghum{in progress}

Progress in the other areas of my life has been steady. I enjoy training everyday even more as each week passes. I’ve been much more disciplined in my diet, completely cutting off soda, candy, processed junk, etc. I’m stoked to get back on N0-Xplode, but it hasn’t come in the mail yet as I write this – reupped on the fruit punch, as they didn’t have either lemon-lime or pink lemonade online for purchase, both of which I was told are excellent. I took the four weeks off in between containers as recommended. I’m glad the break is over – it makes working out a lot more exciting. Plan on taking it for another three months/twelve weeks/until it’s gone and continue taking four week breaks.

I’ve designated five separate Microsoft exams/credentials I want to pursue, and have started studying for the first two listed:

– Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a Windows XP Operating System {70-271} to attain Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) credential

– Passing Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Windows XP Operating System {70-272} to attain Microsoft Certified(MC) Desktop Support Technician credential

– MC Technology Specialist

– MC IT Pro Enterprise Support {70-621}

– MCITP Consumer Support Technician {70-623}

I’m stoked it’s finally basketball season. There’s no other sport where it doesn’t matter what (NBA)game is on, I’ll watch it 99% of the time. It doesn’t get any better than Cap City’s own Andre Iguodala posterizing Terrance Williams of the New Jersey Nets. Without a doubt the play of the year so far.

I’m also eager to start getting to the gym and playing 5v5 more, definitely gonna try to get a team together in some public league hopefully.

The n0ch0p front is looking stronger every day. The World Series of Beer Pong V is just around the corner, and needless to say I’m stoked outta my mind to have two teams flying the NC flag. BriN’s squad, RAK DAT, will be making it’s second consecutive appearance. Gas0l & Trey-Deuce will combine to formulate the always potent AUT0Z0NE lol. I plan on going as well to hand out some free swag…n0ch0p t-shirts, stickers, etc. Should be pretty sickk.

Everyone has been tearing up both sides of the felt lately for the most part, which is fuckingg sweeeeet. It’s always great to see everyone doing well and supporting each other.

Gizmodo Gadget Guide posted some updated pictures of the new bypass over Hoover Dam that I posted pictures of back in June. It’s called the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. I think this is a great way to honor the former NFL star and fallen hero. His death was tragic and he will live on in memory and his name and deeds will never be forgotten.

I have the utmost respect for all of our troops and their commitment to defend our great nation. I have several close friends and family members who have served and am proud, honored, and blessed to call them so. I’ll forever be indebted for their services and bravery and wish everyone overseas and here at home a happy and safe Veteran’s Day.

R.I.P Marine Cpl. Stephen Bixler

Zune Top 5:
1} Forever Young by Jay-Z ft. Mr. Hudson on Blueprint III
2} The World Is Our __ by This Will Destroy You on Young Mountain
3} Be Somebody by Kings of Leon on Only By The Night
4} Catastrophe And The Cure by Explosions in the Sky on All of the Sudden I Miss Everyone
5} Summer by Mogwai on Young Team

Zune logo


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