Dear Summer

This summer has really flown by. I suppose traveling from IL to Vegas to the east coast and back only made it seem shorter. I love summer as much as anyone, but I’m actually ready for fall and winter to come. More than anything, I’m stoked to get some serious shred sessions in this snowy season, hopefully I can make that happen, as central Illinois isn’t exactly the most optimal place to live for anyone aspiring to snowboard several times before spring.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten into what is probably the best shape I’ve been in my whole life. I might not have quite the same wind as I had when I was playing soccer @ RMC, but damn close. Been running almost everyday, but have been taking every 4th or 5th day off and just doing strength training. It gives me great satisfaction to know I’m becoming more fit and a better martial artist each day. I really love the regime I’m using right now and have been doing pretty solid with my diet for the most part.

I’m psyched for the Mayweather/Marquez fight on Saturday (and a new ep of Entourage Sunday), it should be an epic battle. I really hope Pretty Boy Floyd wins by KO as not to tarnish his almost untouchable legacy a la Roy Jones, Jr.

It’s really tough to say unbiasedly who will win in all honesty. I love Mayweather. He represents pure home-grown American awesomeness. I’d be committing treason if I said I hoped Marquez won.

They are both incredible fighters, but moving up a weight class (like Marquez is) always more beneficial that moving down one; you get to eat more and therefore have more energy all of the time leading up to the fight.

Not being able to eat as much and still training the same amount or more equally as hard is much more physically and psychologically demanding. This could be an edge in itself, I suppose we’ll find out this weekend.

Aside from my physical training, I’ve been studying hard for the A+ IT Tech {220-602} exam, which I’ll probably dominate within the two to three weeks. I’m excited to finally obtain the certification that I’ve been chasing the majority of this year.

Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and finished Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss & Biology of Transcendence by Joseph Chilton Pearce. I started Body, Mind, Mastery by Dan Millman as well as The Third Man Factor by John Geiger. I should accomplish the goal I set for myself of reading 10 books by the new year easily at this rate. I’m sure once winter turns the corner I’ll be spending even more time inside reading anyway.

As far as poker goes, I’ve been taking it super easy and just playing a few mid stakes live tournaments in the area. There’s definitely a sick underground scene here as compared to other places, which is awesome because the games are super soft and generally attract schools of fish. I must say I’ve enjoyed this hiatus from playing online a lot because it’s I’ve gotten to do so many other interesting things, but after I’ve gotten my A+ certification I’ll be ready to get back in the groove.

I +stumbled upon+ a pretty interesting article on Foxwood’s financial woes the other day, and while it’s not that detailed it’s still a pretty interesting topic.

I found out a few weeks back Lumiere Place is opening a sister casino in St. Louis called The River City Casino this coming spring, which looks amazing. While obviously there’s no pictures because it’s under construction, the sketches look impressive and I think the Monte Carlo-style atmosphere is a perfect fit for StL.

Now I know in my last entry I said I was going to, “write another entry tomorrow hopefully” because there was so much going on IT-wise that I wanted to address some issues, but I realize now that because so much changes on a daily basis in that realm it’s nearly impossible to do unless you employ a full staff of writers.

Let me just say first and foremost, Microsoft is fuckingggggg sweet. They sent me a brand new Zune 120GB in the mail for $2.15. Two dollars and fifteen f’ing cents. Anyway it will at least hold me over until I can get a new ZUNE HD. The feature I’m probably pumped most about is the ability to wireless sync Netflix from my Xbox360 to the Zune HD, which is essentially the coolest thing ever.

It is the most advanced portable media player in the universe known to human knowledge, and I would be doing it a total injustice if I only called it wondrous. I’m not even talking about how spectacular the software and hardware is, which both make iTunes look like the search engine makes Google look – ugly, dumb, and old.

Microsoft also hooked me up with a month of free Zune Pass (the best deal in music, period. If you have an iPod/iTunes, I pity you endlessly.); can’t hate on that. I stopped short of writing back a letter that said, “I love you, too.”
Zune Software version 3.0.532.

Speaking of how much more incredibly awesome Microsoft is lately, Windows 7 (Gizmodo’s full review here) makes Mac’s Snow Leopard operating system, an “upgrade” (also known as a service pack) of Leopard, look like a sick kitty. The first security patch was (already) released to developers last week, and really doesn’t fix anything THAT major, just a few minor problems pertaining to “stability, compatibility, and security.” Turns out Apple had some trouble getting it’s own applications to work…isn’t that kind of odd?

Zune Software version  3.0.532.

How do you develop an operating sys–errr, service pack– that causes 60 software programs you designed to crash? I’m pretty sure that warrants a massive fail label. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard since I read about this. Just another fun thing to do at the Apple store, I guess. I’d almost rather go hang out with Best Buy’s Geek Squad, at least they know what they’re doing(…Winnebago?…Really?).

Zune Top 5:
1} Rebel Music by Bob Marley feat. Krayzie Bone on Chant Down Babylon
2} Killer by Drake feat. Nipsey Hussle
3} New Paths to Helicon Part II by Mogwai on Gov’t Commissions
4} Workin the Wheel by Pimp C & Slim Thug on Pimpalation
5} Cool Outrageous Lovers by Lil Wayne feat. Andre 3000 & Plies

Zune logo


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