Back For The Very First Time

Sooo I’ve been slacking pretty hard with the blog lately, I know. I’m sorry. I never even gave anyone a proper Las Vegas recap, so here she is:
1 $70 traffic ticket for speeding(76-65) in [Springfield,]Illinois {see: brin1285}
22 CLIFF bars
1 stop @ Tulsa’s finest Red Lobster property
1 warning for speeding at Nevada police checkpoint (Cop-“Sir, did you see the sign that said speed limit, 5mph?” Brian-“Yeah.” Cop-“Were you going 5ph?”)
No broken bones
1 puke trail of epic proportions (my guess is 20-30ft)
7,936 milligrams of sodium consumed daily on average by the Squid
1 pet rattlesnake named Gilbert
Several thousand bottles of water
5 Brian-to-stranger chestbumps in succession at 6am uber drunk
1 lost roommate(and by lost I mean gone-for-24-hours, wandering aimlessly through the desert sun, lost)
Not enough visits to Red Rock breakfast buffet
An endless display of billiards dominance by yours truly
1 (live) backdoor Royal Flush w/ J10d
1 Caesar’s Palace Mega Stack Tournament final table
48 hours of driving 3400 miles halfway across the country spread over 6 days
1 warning by Texas State Police for speeding {see: brin1285}
57 Crown & Cokes
1 attempted carjacking in Albequerque
1 additional stop at Tulsa’s finest Red Lobster property

Awesome, I know. Anyway I’m heading to the east coast for like 2 weeks to visit some family, but will be back in the midwest for my birthday. Haven’t been back to CT since Christmas but I’m excited. Spending time and catching up with friends and family never gets dull.

Other than that just been doing a lot of studying for the A+ 220-602 IT Technician exam and getting some business things organized since I got back.

I’m about 200 pages deep into the 800 page biography Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw, which offers a really intriguing perspective on how people did business in that time period. I’ve also been jumping back and forth between Joeseph Chilton Pearce’s Biology of Transcendence and The Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi, both of which are just spectacular books.

Been working out a lot still, mostly just running increasingly longer distances and practicing my forms. Haven’t had a chance to get to go train martial arts since I’ve been back [in IL] but I’m stoked to get back to the dojo. I think the time period away has helped me tremendously, and upon return I will be much more focused. I started drinking hot green tea about three weeks ago and literally have not stopped. It’s fucking incredible.

I was surfin the net the other day thinking to myself how sweet it is to be a Cardinal fan goin through the blogroll when I stumbled upon this list of the 5 types of Cubs fans you’ll meet at Wrigley Field, compiled by Cubs fans. Lee Elia must be proud..

Meanwhile in the tech world, Google (still) has no clue what the fuck is going on, Apple is (still) years behind, and Microsoft is (still) much better at developing everything.

Now that I’m awoken from my first blog coma, I certainly intend to keeping you all much more informed. Until next time

Zune Top 5:
1} Still Don’t Know by Young Jeezy on Can’t Ban The Snowman
2} Pass The Mic by Beastie Boys on Check Your Head
3} Ride Wit Me by T.I. on KING
4} Time’s Up by Jadakiss on Kiss Of Death
5} 2nd Childhood by Nas on Stillmatic


~ by therealJWilliam on July 21, 2009.

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