The Hangover

The last few days have been absolutely crazy.

Friday we all headed over to the Rio for the 2pm restart of WSOP Event 24 $1500 NL. PokerBabe started the day with around 25k and Stu Marshak was 7th in chips with 200k+ and was seated to the right of Intervention.

PokerBabe eventually busted in 204th after reshippin in the SB preflop with JJ and getting called by the original raiser with K9. Kxxxx. GG buddy.

The next break we headed over to the Palms to catch the 4:30 showing of ‘The Hangover’. It was hilarious, probably even more so than advertised or you’ve heard.

Afterward we headed back to the car, headed to the grocery store and eventually back to the house. By the time we got back the Penguins had already captured the Stanley Cup, which is awesome because I hate the fucking Red Wings.

I marinated some steak and chicken for the weekend while Brin and PokerBabe continued to playing their 1v1 pong challenge that stands at something like Brin-10 -PokerBabe-23.

Everyone got ready/started drinking and we headed back down to the Rio around 11:30, with play not stopping in Event 24 until 3am or til the FT. Brin dropped me and DaFish off because him and PokerBabe were going to O’Shea’s to play pong.

Chris Moore was already @ the FT of the $1500 Shootout, but by the time we got there Jeff Carris had already captured the bracelet. Congrats to Chris for finishing in 4th for $82k.

Players started to drop and soon they were down to 5 tables and then 4. 1ntervention went out when he reshipped AQ and got snapcalled by AK. The Maven went out when he ran into KK on a KQJxx board, but I didn’t see what he showed down or mucked.

Julian Verse came down and hung out with me and DaFish on the rail for a while as we debated what to do from there. GovShark stopped thru and eventually they both headed off into different directions into the Vegas night.

I hung around until the next break and wished Stu luck before heading over to O’Shea’s to see how hammered Brin and PokerBabe were. I found out shortly after that they had run off 8 straight and were totally belligerent. Talk about entertainment. I chilled for a little while but was bored senseless and losing my buzz, so I headed over to Caesar’s Palace to play some $1-3.

Played for probably two hours with my stack fluctuating anywhere from 20-80bb, before I changed seats and this hand came up 6 handed. I had about 75bb UTG and straddled to $6. The player to my left made it $15 with about 20bb in front of him, and got minraised by a quiet player who had only raised 2 pots in an hour and a half. I immediately put this guy on AA. The SB folded and BB called as did I after peaking at Ks10s. The original raiser folded. Flop was Kh109h. The SB checked. I had the reraiser covered and knew he would call an allin. After a moment of thought I pushed my chips to the center of the felt, and he called pretty quickly (with AA). I was not expecting however the SB to call, which he did and showed AhJh for the nut flush draw. The turn was a {fucking} heart, and I didn’t improve on the river. Bleh.

I reloaded and picked up a few small pots, before this obnoxious donkey who wouldn’t shut up earlier when I was trying to make a decision for all of my chips sat back down again. Four orbits went by, where I straddled each time and he would move allin for 30+bb each time only for me to look down at trash and fold.

The next time I straddled it folded to him, he moved allin on the B, fold, fold, I looked down at AcJs and snap called.

Now the hand before this he moved allin with 4 limpers in front, only for everyone to fold and he showed down Qc5c.

This time he flipped over KsJc. However, the board came out 2s3s4s5sx. GEIH. I promised DaFish I’d only play another orbit anyway because he was trying to bring home some strange. BriN was plastered and as we wandered back to the car, he chestbumped six random strangers between Caesar’s and Bill’s parking garage, one of whom was about 6’5, 250 with a pitcher of beer in his hand. One chestbump from Brin later, he had a half pitcher of beer all over his shirt and for some reason neglected not to kill him. The kid runs good.

Now somewhere between 4am and 6, Brin and PokerBabe got separated. Maybe it’s just because we saw The Hangover earlier in the day, but we couldn’t find him anywhere.

We got back to the house and stumbled around for a while. I was the last one up, was running all of security software when I heard some commotion upstairs. I finished up, shut my laptop down and walked upstairs. As I reached the top, I looked to my right only to see a trail of vomit, stretching from midway up Brin’s door, all the way down the hallway into the bathroom. I’m talking a puke of epic proportions. A world record maybe. I know right away none of my roommates are dumb enough to possibly have done this; Brin has a bathroom in his room, DaFish wasn’t even that drunk (by his standards).

I just shake my head and tip toe down the hall like I’m walking thru a field full of claymores. I pass out rather swiftly.

I wake up at 1, and there is no sign of PokerBabe. No messages on my phone or FB. Naturally we are worried about him, but know he could easily be perfectly okay. Maybe he just got a hotel. Maybe he found a girl and went home with her.

I did however receive an update from DaFish, letting me know Stu busted Event 24 in 14th for $36k. He would play the $10k HU later in the day, defeating Di “Urindanger” Dang in the first round, only to bust out in the 2nd.

The hours pass away and PokerBabe is still M.I.A. Eventually I get on FB @ around 8:30 and realize he has updated his status. He is nearby, and alive. We go pick him up and eagerly anticipate hearing his story.

His blurry rendition of his morning includes being told several times by casino employees he is too drunk and needs to stop gambling, passing out at an undisclosed casino, waking up to being poked by two cops, taking a $65 cab to Red Rock (we live in Summerlin), walking several miles in the wrong direction, and coming to rest at a pizza and pasta joint where we eventually picked him up. VWP, sir.

Today I was first to arise. Laid out by the pool and read 5 chapters of “Rat Bastards,” a memoir by John “Red” Shea, one of the most notorious and the most honorable Irish mobsters from South Boston. Awesome book I’d highly recommend.

Afterward I shaved most of my head, carving in a pretty gnarly mohawk, if only for the day. Dropped DaFish off @ Venetian for the $500 Omaha8 DeepStack. By the time I got back Brin and PokerBabe were already fast to work grinding MTT’s outside. I hopped in the pool, read some more, then grilled some steaks for dinner to go with red potatoes and green beans.

We might head over to Red Rock in a while to play cash, or just booze and play pool the rest of the night…The Lakers just won the championship.

I know I said in my last post I was going to detail of the the security software I use and will do so tomorrow, I just haven’t had the time or energy the past few days. Again, almost all of it is free and user-friendly, so be sure to check it out soon. Til next time

Zune Top 5:
1} Be By Myself by Asher Roth on Asleep In The Bread Aisle
2} Overtime by Ace Hood ft. Akon & T-Pain
3} They Roll by Nipsey Hussle & The Game
4} Hot 97 Grammy Family Freestyle by Jay-Z
5} The Smoke Will Lead You Home by Logh on A Sunset Panorama


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