All The Above

Such an awesome week since I last posted on Monday. I hope my rant opened up some Apple-veiled eyes.

Tuesday night I didn’t do much except study for my A+ Essentials 220-601 exam and go train @ DragonFire for an hour and some change. It was an awesome session overall; we learned a few new techniques but mostly just worked on freelance ground control while Master talked to potential students. In the first 10 weeks or so, I’m more than satisfied with my decision to start taking martial arts. I feel much more confident just in general, as well as more self-aware and alert. I feel more comfortable socially and obviously more lethal physically. More than anything, I feel a heightened sense of understanding about the world around me. It’s a nice feeling.

Wednesday I got some stuff done around the house – cleaning, laundry, organizing – ran some errands and made some small purchases necessary for any cross-country, 1700 mile road trip through the desert. I started packing some clothes and stuff, which at this point is pretty irrelevant because no matter how many days I start packing in advance I finish a half an hour before we are supposed to depart. Standard.

I headed down to St. Louis to pick up my older brother who was flying in from NYC where he goes to law school. When I rolled into the city the Lumiere Place’s exterior was illuminated a neon red that lit up the Gateway Skyline and looked really kool. His plane got in around midnight, and we stopped @ Steak ‘N Shake before embarking on the 90 mile trek back east to Springfield. Although wonderfully greasy, a double steakburger isn’t exactly the model for a healthy meal, so I get mine with lettuce and tomato and with no cheese. This is where I am at this point in my life.

Thursday I woke up around 1:30pm with my exam scheduled for 3pm. I grabbed a yogurt and a cup of oj before showering and scrolling the ProProfs forums for what other people were saying about what was on the exam they took earlier in the day. Ty, colludaments.

I finished in about 65 minutes and scored an 820. Que several Matias Anderson(sp?) fist pumps and a huge sigh of relief. The idea of spending $170 to take an exam is less than thrilling. The prospect of failing it I suppose is motivation enough for any deeg to study hard, if only in fear of spewing away precious time and money. So instead of being on max tilt I’m on Cloud 9, and with tickets to the night’s Cardinal game versus the Reds it’s only gonna get better.

Stan the Man

I get home at 4:30 and start getting ready. By 5:45 myself, my brother, Keithfolds, and my buddy John are heading west on I55 after brief stops @ McDonald’s and a gas station. We were able to get booze and make our way to the last section of padded seats down the third base line in time to see the first pitch of the 3rd. Carpenter was already in vintage Cy Young form in the top half of the inning, and in the bottom half Pujols showed why he’s the reigning MVP, demolishing a 2-run HR into left center.

The View.

Sometime in between my first beer and last call, we acquired Busch Stadium’s exquisite deluxe nachos, which are borderline heart-stopping.

Get some.

Sir Albert’s blast proved to be the difference, with Carp throwing a CG three-hitter, giving up 1 ER off a solo-shot that brought his ERA all the way up to .71. The scoreboard actually gave him credit for the W before the 9th inning even started, moving him to 4-0, which everyone found hilarious.

Afterward we enjoyed a small detour to Lumiere Place before stopping at the same exact Steak ‘N Shake we’d went to at the same time the previous morning. WP.

Today was really productive on many fronts. I got some more packing in, took care of some n0 ch0p business, and bought some books for the trip;
What Lincoln Believed: The Values and Convictions of America’s Greatest President by Michael Lind
Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw
Rat Bastards: The Life and Times of South Boston’s Most Honorable Irish Mobster, A Memoir by John “Red” Shea
I love reading and will be doing a lot in Las Vegas when I’m not playing poker, shooting pool or drunk.

Tomorrow is my sister’s high school grad ceremony, but hopefully I can squeeze in a round of golf before the sun sets.

I’ll be posting periodically as we trek through the southwest en route to Sin City. Get a hold of me if you wanna chill before I leave. PEACE

Zune Top 5:
1} All The Above by Maino & T-Pain on Black Flag City
2} Miami by Sublime on Everything Under the Sun Disc 2
3} Afternight by Trans Am on TA
4} U Don’t Know by Jay-Z on The Blueprint
5} Get It In Ohio by Cam’ron on Crime Pays


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