Welcome all. Before I start I just wanna thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to your feedback.

While writing my first entry at this hour might seem a bit odd to the “normal” person, I actually find the thought of it incredibly reasonable. For starters, at this point in my life being up at 3 am is sfstandard, I’d be worried about myself if I weren’t up right now.

Yesterday I played golf @ Brookhills with Brin1285 and two other friends we went to high school with, Kyle and Marc, around 4. I played just okay, didn’t keep score but probably shot a 40+ {9 holes, no par 5’s, par 31} probably from a combination of not stretching or getting loose and drinking a giant Crown Royal & Coke followed closely by a few Budweisers. Some may consider this to be a formula for success, however I was not so lucky on this particular day. Kyle shot a 32, discounting his first tee shot on 1 that traveled a total of thirty feet only six inches off the ground and directly into the water hazard. WP.

Afterward we had a few more drinks before heading our separate ways with plans to meet back up @ Darcy’s Pint in an hour for dinner and more drinks. Instead of getting the Hawaiian Chicken Salad, which I’ve ordered probably the last 34 times I’ve been there, I got a deluxe ground beef horseshoe since we’re leaving for LV this Sunday and I won’t be able to eat one for a month. This coming off a 7-day stretch where I didn’t eat red meat or dairy products to help cleanse my body for what should be a week littered with intense workouts.

Now for those of you who have never visited the lovely capitol of Illinois {not Chicago!}, a horseshoe is probably the most unhealthy/mouth-watering entree you have never seen. Basically, it’s a piece of Texas toast, covered in your meat of choice, topped with a mountain of french fries and smothered in an amazing white cheese sauce. The deluxe one I ordered, also comes with diced tomatoes and chives, as well as hot sauce. You cannot buy a horseshoe anywhere else on this planet, so if you want one you gotta come to the birth place of Abraham Lincoln and Andre Iguodala.

After downing a couple Smithwick’s {pronounced Smitticks, for all you non-Irishmen and women} we decided to head downtown to Floyd’s Thirst Parlor to meet up with some more old friends from our graduating class. Upon arriving, we grabbed some Bud Lights and started shooting some pool, a hobby I love but have started to progressively get worse/suck at over the years. I’m stoked that our house in LV has a nice red felt table, it should get plenty of use over the month we’re there.

Me and Brin squared off in air hockey where he lucksacked his way to a 7-6 victory. sfRIGGED. We’d must have been drinking for a solid 6 hours at this point, because we went downstairs to meet some other people and in between floors Brin yacked on the staircase LOL. However it was so stealthy that no one noticed, and I probably wouldn’t have either if he hadn’t told me.

I think they closed @ 1 so we headed down to Marley’s, where we picked up where we left off, slamming beers and if my memory serves me correctly, a few fruity colored shots presumably with little to no alcohol in them. This continued until the bars closed at 3, but somehow I managed not to make it home until 5. I was vvvvvvvdrunk and had a few glasses a water, which only made me feel like I just shotgunned a 6 pack in as many minutes. The perfect solution to this was chef up a couple Eggo waffles with some fresh strawberries before heading to the den for a donkey slumber until I arose around 3:30pm CST. GG.

Yesterday – Sunday, I didn’t do much except read, watch tv, and recover from what was most certainly the most alcohol I’ve drank in two months. The VMA’s sucked, and the fact that Twilight won best movie or film or wtfever over Dark Knight and Ironman is just a joke…but I guess that makes perfect sense, since MTV as a whole is a shite network that doesn’t even play more than an hour of real music on any given day. [note: Brin insists it’s not “tomorrow” until you go to sleep and wake up, but I’m trying to be politically correct here, at least in this instance]

I can’t wait to see The Hangover, which will probably be even more hysterical simply because we will be in Vegas where the movie takes place. Public Enemies looks like the sickest movie that’s come out in the last few years, hopefully it lives up to the hype.

My step-mom, younger brother and I went to Friday’s for dinner, which was actually pretty awesome. I got the Dragonfire Chicken, partially because I love spicy food and chicken, and also because I train at DragonFire Martial Arts, so I thought it was the obvious choice – and some type of passion fruit/Red Bull concoction, which was refreshing.

As far as the rest of the week goes, I’ve got a ton of shopping to get done before we take off this Sunday, mostly just clothes and stuff. I’m planning on taking my A+ Essentials 220-601 exam exam on Thursday, and need to get a bunch of n0ch0p business taken care of between now and then. I’ll most certainly be attending at least two of the possible four martial arts classes this week, depending on how my body feels.

Other than that, I’ll be trying to continue getting a workout and a run in everyday, and doing lots of cramming. My older brother is flying in on Wednesday night into StL for my sister’s h/s graduation, so I’m gonna scoop him up, then we’re gonna hit up the Cardinals/Reds game Thursday night, which will be awesome because I haven’t gotten a chance to make it down for a game yet.

In honor of the announcement of Microsoft’s ZuneHD shipping 9/5/09, I’ll be posting 5 songs getting a lot of play on mine recently:

Zune Top 5
1} The Art of Storytellin’, Part 4 by Andre3000 on DJ DRAMA’s Gangsta Grillz
2} My President by Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z & Nas on 80 JEEZ
3} Maybach Music 2 by Rick Ross ft. Kanye West, T-Pain & Lil’ Wayne on Deeper Than Rap
4} Quiet by This Will Destroy You on Young Mountain
5} Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the Sky on The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

I guess it’s time for bed, the sun is creeping up over the horizon. ‘Til next time.


~ by therealJWilliam on June 1, 2009.

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